Patrons Of The Rhythm Studio Foundation

The Rhythm Studio Foundation's forward thinking and inspirational approach to music education has attracted many high profile supporters from within the music industry and beyond.

Chris Martin_square thumb.jpg

Chris Martin

“The work that The Rhythm Studio Foundation does helping young musicians is fantastic and inspiring, and I’m proud to be associated with it.”


Bobby Gillespie 

“The Rhythm Studio allows kids to experience the sheer joy of being able to express themselves by singing, playing an instrument or writing a song."


Bella Freud

"The Rhythm Studio Foundation teaches children that by practising and persevering, you end up with something - a great thing to know how to do in life”.


Don Letts

"The Rhythm Studio gets children working with common goal and experiencing the chemistry that happens if you bring young minds together."

Guy Chambers

“The work that The Rhythm Studio Foundation does giving scholarships to underprivileged children is fantastic and gets my vote every time.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

“The Rhythm Studio is an amazing place where children fall in love with learning music. The teachers make it fun and inspiring, and very cool.”