The Rhythm Studio Foundation - Project Impact

The Rhythm Studio Foundation’s goal is to transform the lives of young people through music. The sessions we organise have been shown to inspire self-esteem, creativity and confidence, boost school performance and improve behaviour, as well as showing kids with challenging circumstances that they have to power to rise above them.

Scholarship Student

“Lucas wants to apply for a scholarship again. He is really, really loving it. I can't tell you what a difference it has made to his life. I can honestly say that this experience has transformed him. This is an extremely precious space that you have created.  I really admire the way that you are all so unflustered and just get on with supporting the kids and helping them develop. He will remember this for the rest of his life.”

Philippa, mother of Lucas - scholarship student at The Rhythm Studio

Ark Brunel Academy

“These sessions developed the self-esteem and confidence in children who normally would not take part in music lessons. For some children who were reticent about their life skills, these sessions enhanced their independence and helped them to engage with peers.  It was a wonderful opportunity to be taught by professionals who inspired children in new talents and skills that they now aspire to."

Nicola Acton-Davies - Deputy Head Teacher, Ark Brunel Academy

St Thomas' Primary School

“Working in small groups within amazing studios, the children are not only gaining new skills but are also forming new friendships, which are certainly helping cohesion problems this class had previously experienced within the classroom. The children recently came together to form as a whole band and I couldn't believe the confidence and excitement from many who are often quite reserved in the classroom." 

 Edd Chalkley - Year 5 Form Teacher, St Thomas' CE Primary School