London Marathon Diaries - Part III

The nerves started building last Monday morning as it dawned on me this weekend was THE weekend for my longest run. 20 miles was the goal, 3 more than any run I had ever done. I have kept a close eye on the fundraising page which has been an incredible motivation as people have been so generous already.

I planned a (very dull) route that took me north 10 miles through Lea Valley and back again.

8am Saturday came around very quickly and I was soon shuffling along the canal in the drizzle with me new marathon playlist pushing me on. (Tracklist available, it's a rather pessimistic 7 hours long!) 

The first 8-9 miles were fine and I even managed to have an energy gel without much problem however at around 15 miles my running app stopped working which meant no music and the Nike man repeating my mile split times over and over again. Not good. I decided to turn it all off and ran the last 6 miles home without music. On the plus side it turns out I ran nearly 21 miles and actually quite enjoyed it. I couldn't have run that far this time last year. 

A month to go and some high altitude training next week in the Alps. 😃

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