London Marathon Diaries Part II

Only 7 weeks till the big day and there is a mixed sense of excitement and dread building inside me. I've been stepping up the mileage on my long weekend runs, with two 14 milers and one 15 miler in the last few weeks. The only problem with these long runs is the terrible realisation of just how far and how painful the marathon distance will be. 

This weekend's training took place at Jamie's Farm, an inspirational charity project in Wiltshire that offers residential farm stays for vulnerable children at risk of social and academic exclusion. On arrival at the farm, I soon discovered that I wasn't going to get away with a lazy weekend, with Jamie announcing that last weekend he ran the Bath half marathon in 1hr 25mins and that he intended to put me through my paces with a 15 mile workout through the Wiltshire hills.

On Sunday morning we were duly joined by local farmer, ice-cream entrepreneur and fellow marathoner Will Hawking, as well as old friend and Highland Games hill running champion Ralph Walker-Okeover. Gruelling is an understatement to describe some of terrain we covered and my muscles are feeling the consequences, but as one friend keeps stressing to me - "It's all about getting miles in the legs Chris!" This week my legs have had another 27 miles packed into them.

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