Fundraising "Stars in their eyes" gig - showcase for scholarship students and adult performers

Sunday night at The Masons' Arms saw seven of our fantastic scholarship students and nine brave and  talented adults put on a fabulous and eclectic set - including songs from The Killers, Hozier, The Undertones and even Andy Williams!  The first half featured Myla, Bruno, Cosima, Orlando, Tiernan, Krissie and Maizie. The second half kicked off with Notvana (Julian and Victoria) and Smells like Teen Spirit.  Meet the parents (Laura, Simon, Damon and Michele) rocked out with The Killers' All these things and  Mid-life Crisis (John and Ali) followed on with Sex on Fire.  

Our grand finale saw Happy take the stage with the fabulous Teachers' Band with Teenage Kicks and then his very unique rendition of Andy Williams' "Can't take my eyes off you". A huge thanks to all our performers and  fundraisers and to our Rhythm Studio Foundation community of support - students, teachers, families and friends - we couldn't do any of this without you!

I have had the BEST time. I just want to say what a lovely crowd you all are at RS, just lovely, lovely, funny and very inspiring people. The teachers are absolute geniuses....
— Adult performer at Stars in Their Eyes gig, 2015