Meet The Talent - Introducing scholarship award holder Myla Newell

The Rhythm Studio Foundation currently awards 18 means-tested scholarships to an incredibly talented group of hard-working and committed musicians who might otherwise be  prevented from pursuing their passion for music. 

Meet Myla

Myla is a 13 year-old singer songwriter currently having vocal lessons with Maja. Maja also helps her out with piano and guitar as Myla usually plays and sings at the same time. Myla has been with the RSF for a year and a half.

What are you working on at the moment?

"I just started the band practice with the Tri-borough Music Programme at The Lyric Hammersmith. I love working with other people because I'm usually a solo artist and it can sometimes get a bit boring....I was really proud to be part of a Youth Music Theatre production "Sweat Factory" and have re-auditioned again this year."

Favourite song?

"At the moment my favourite song is K.D Lang's cover of Hallelujah, originally by Leonard Cohen. I find it can be very emotional and it really inspires me to write my own music."

Your writing process?

"I write a lot and then keep a lot of ideas for later, sometimes I can find it really hard to find something to be influenced by and sometimes a tune just pops into my head and I need to get it down!"

"A song that I have written that I'm proud of is called "In No Paradise" which I started writing in Geography class around this time last year as we were learning about Blood Diamonds and that's what I decided to base it on"

Favourite gig?

"I think my favourite gig was probably at KPH - I performed The Zutons'/Amy Winehouse's version of Valerie with Ciao and Wilkie which was an awesome experience!".

Future plans/goals?

"I hope to keep writing music, doing what I love which is performing, and hopefully start a band!"


"Maja has really helped getting my singing stronger......It's just really awesome to be part of The Rhythm Studio, thanks so much!"
- Myla Newell