"The Chosen Ones" headline at St Mary's RC Primary School

The Rhythm Studio' Doug spent 6 weeks with this group of "Gifted and talented" Year 5 pupils from St Mary's RC Primary. Each week the 5 pupils, Cres, Ella, Jerrimae, James and David came over to The Rhythm Studio to  spend an hour with Doug. After 6 weeks of hard work the band performed in front of their families and peers at school.

 "I’m so amazed by what our children have been able to achieve in the rock band projects – especially in such a short space of time!  (They) have had the most wonderful experience working with Doug, forming their band, rehearsing and performing for the school. "

"The projects have done wonders for our ‘more able’ and pupil premium pupils – giving them an incredible opportunity to discover and develop their musical talents. This is something we could only have achieved in partnership." 

- Anna McManus, Deputy Head, St Mary's RC Primary School

"I was so proud of them and they had the whole school rocking! This was achieved through the direction, inspiration and teaching of the amazing Rhythm Studio musicians who have worked with them throughout this programme."

 - Kristy Davis, Head Teacher, St Mary's RC Primary School

"(The best thing) was going to The Rhythm Studio . Not many children get the chance - it made us feel special"

"Doug's nice - he's a really good teacher"

- The Chosen Ones band members